Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dear Norah, Month Nine

Dear Norah,
This month seemed to bring with it a significant change from one stage to the next, marked most significantly by your ability to crawl. While you scooted or rolled to get what you wanted previously, it was like one day everything clicked. And just like that, off you went. And, so began the stage in our lives where we live with bedroom and bathroom doors closed to limited your “wondering” space.

With this new-found mobility has also come your ability to get yourself right in the middle of your brother’s toys, especially toys that he is playing with at that moment. You love to be involved with what he’s involved with, much to his chagrin. You watch much of what he’s doing even when you’re not near him and you still love to laugh when he does his silly songs or dances.

We visited the Children’s Museum this month and your mobility opened up new doors for you there. There are two dedicated “baby” areas that feature soft spaces for crawling and exploring. You.loved.it. You crawled all over the place and weren’t intimidated by the other babies who were larger, louder or faster than you. Thankfully your Auntie Shann went with us, so one of us could spend time with you and the other with Graham as he explored the “big boy” areas.

Nearly every evening we go on a walk around the block before dinner, and normally you would be pushed in the stroller. This month, you graduated to the wagon and you wouldn’t be happier about your new ride. Graham typically rides his bike, but on occasion when he rides in the wagon with you, you are entertained from start to finish. You love looking all around and taking in your surroundings as we walk.

During your ninth month, mommy and daddy went away to Nashville for a quick weekend trip, marking the first time we’ve slept left you overnight. Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Shann came over and stayed with you and your brother, and according to them, you were the perfect child. I’ll believe that because you’re pretty perfect for us, and with your wake-ups down to just once a night (yes, still!), the night times are a little more manageable too.

You are stable enough sitting up now to take baths with your brother and baths are one of your favorite times a day. You love being in the water and playing with the countless toys that somehow end up in the tub each night. Thankfully you haven’t figured out how to crawl around in the tub yet, so you are pretty content to be in one spot splashing in the water around you.

Each month as you grow closer to a toddler and further from an infant, I am amazed to watch your new developments, both big and small. You light up our hearts with happiness.


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